When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is that special Friday right after Thanksgiving when stores kick off the holiday shopping season. In 2023, Black Friday will officially begin on November 24th, a date you’ll want to mark on your calendar. Now, if you’re wondering whether Black Friday is a no-show this year, fear not! Black Friday is alive and kicking in the US, and it might even be more exciting than ever before.

Brace yourself for the possibility of jaw-dropping Black Friday deals as early as October. That’s right; Black Friday won’t be confined to just a day or a weekend in 2023; it’s going to be a month-long celebration of savings.

Several of America’s beloved brick-and-mortar stores, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, have decided to give their hardworking employees a break on Thanksgiving this year to reduce in-store crowding during the ongoing global pandemic. This shift means that we’ll likely witness a flurry of online doorbuster deals.

As a result, Black Friday online deals are going to take center stage. With this move towards online shopping, traditional retailers will be locking horns with digital giants like Amazon, eBay, and even Newegg. Walmart has already made the bold move of offering its holiday deals both in-store and online.

While Black Friday deals may seem too good to pass up, not all discounted products are worth your hard-earned cash. Some might not be the models you truly desire, and you might stumble upon even better prices at other times of the year.

The anticipation for Black Friday 2023 is building, and Dell is leading the charge with its colossal 30-page ad showcasing deals that will run from November 16th to November 28th.

Is Black Friday 2023 Going to Be Different?

The simple answer is yes. Black Friday 2023 is going to be unlike any other we’ve experienced. The shopping landscape has shifted due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, causing retailers to reevaluate their holiday shopping strategies.

While you can still expect a treasure trove of discounts and special offers, the pandemic has left its mark on shopping behavior. Many stores are feeling the pressure to minimize in-store foot traffic, which means more deals will be accessible online. In fact, we might witness a pre-Black Friday shopping frenzy as early as October.

Retailers are determined to make this holiday season memorable and make up for lost revenue during the pandemic. That’s why they’re extending the Black Friday shopping window to include online shoppers.

The Early Start to the Black Friday Season

Get ready because the Black Friday season is set to kick off early, possibly in October. The action may even start with Amazon’s Prime Day. This year, Amazon decided to push back its Prime Day, typically held in July, and announced that it’s happening on October 13th and 14th. Not to be outdone, Target introduced its Deal Days Event, clearly aiming to compete with Prime Day, promising some fantastic deals.

Walmart, on the other hand, revealed its Big Save Event, running from October 11th to 15th, offering Black Friday-like savings on a plethora of items. Home Depot also threw its hat into the ring, announcing early November sales both online and in-store. And there’s a good chance that more retailers will follow suit, jump-starting the Black Friday sales early in the game.

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